feed.us Content Management

  • Works on Sites and Apps

    Add feed.us content management via code into websites and apps. Install feed.us on any server - it integrates with Php, Rails, .Net, etc. Our proprietary technology is cached on your server providing the fastest of load times of any CMS. 

  • Integration of Data and Content:

    Our software's ability to separate yet assimilate custom data within web content differentiates our service from any other CMS.

Contact Us

feed.us is not currently accepting new customers.
Please email us ([email protected]) to tell us more about potential project requirements.
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Integrates with:

    • Php
    • HTML5
    • Microsoft ASP.net dotnet CMS
    • Ruby on Rails CMS
    • Code Igniter CMS
    • Smarty Templates
    • JSP CMS
    • Python
    • ASP CMS
    • JSON