Feed.Us for Websites

Feed.Us is like a web CMS: update a site, make changes, post pages, etc.

With Feed.Us you can edit text, add media, publish a blog, add product information.  Stuff like this:

Very Un-CMSy

Drupal and WordPress and the rest are fine.  Sure they make it easier to update your Website. 

But, they all have baggage: the install process takes FOREVER and coding your design into their templates is a disaster.  They aren't just for content - they are site management systems.    

CMSes are SO bloated and overcomplicated, for many projects it's just not worth the trouble.  

Feed.Us is different. 

Add Feed.Us to your site with copy and paste codes - no software installation on your server.  (Click here a detailed description of how to add Feed.Us.)

Build the site with whatever technology you're comfortable with.  HTML, CSS, HTML5 and PHP, Rails, JSP, .Net, ASP.net etc.  Host the site on your server.  

Wherever on the site you want to be able to make changes, replace that code with Feed.Us script that looks like this: 

(this is Php, it works with what you like to use)

Then use www.Feed.Us to make changes.

Clients login to www.Feed.Us and edit using simple forms and our WYSIWYG editor.  It's simple to learn:

Feed.Us is a "hosted" aka "SaaS" service:

Your content resides on our servers, in "the cloud" (via RackSpace). The Feed.Us "Grabber" technology grabs your content off of Feed.Us and places it on your website.  There's no framework involved (use your own CSS/XHTML) and it works on any platform and on any hosting service (or a server in your basement).  And we don't host your site - host it wherever you want. 

What is Feed.Us really good for?

When you need to update a site but don't want to install a full blown CMS. And when you don't want the client to bother with FTP and Dreamweaver.

Feed.Us works great with custom pages - CSS/XHTML or HTML5 even the old HTML. 

Any piece of static text can be added into Feed.Us and edited.  The "contact us", the team bios, the copyright date.  It's easier  to make changes with Feed.Us then using a text editor and FTP.  All that static text is way more useful when it's in the cloud and editable.

No Templates (Thank God)

Feed.Us plays nicely with CSS. It also works with HTML5. Heck, it can even work on basic HTML sites. Use your own CSS Div tags so that it fits in perfectly to the site - just like static content without a CMS.

Feed.Us plays nice with others 

Feed.Us works with Php, Rails, ASP.net, JSP, Python and even Salesforce's platform.

And with Feed.Us, clients can use other web services to publish content to their own sites.  Feed.Us integrates with WordPress, Google Docs, RSS and email.  Examples: Use Google Docs "Documents" to manage help documents within a web app or use WordPress.com to update the homepage of a website.  

Still reading this page? You made it down this far? Well try reading about how Feed.Us works or a screenshot tour or see some examples.  Or contact Rick, he's lonely.