Use Feed.Us for a Low, Monthly Fee
(or even for free!)

Feed.Us offers unlimited users and unlimited sites or apps plus 1 gig of storage for images/files.

If you're building your own site or app - feel free to use our "free version".

Project for a client?  Please get them to use our paid option. (Thanks for your support!)

For your site/app

  • Setup Feed.Us
  • yourself
  • for sites & apps
  • FREE!


  • We setup Feed.Us
  • on Your Site or App
  • $750/setup
  • $19.99/Month

For your client

  • Setup Feed.Us
  • for a client
  • $19.99/month



What's the deal with the free plan?
We offer a free plan for individuals and organizations.  You'll need to setup Feed.Us yourself. (Don't worry we'll provide as much help as possible to get you going!).

My Client Pays?
Yes, we hope you'll agree that the client should pay! This is how we pay for the super sweet RackSpace app hosting.

What do you mean by "Sites" or "Apps" in your pricing?
Feed.Us can be used on a website or within a web or mobile application. Because Feed.Us doesn't host your site - you can display your content on any of your websites (or apps).

1 Gig of Storage???
Storage on Feed.Us is different than typical CMSes. Feed.Us doesn't need to store all the site files - your logo, etc - your server does that for you. The file storage on Feed.Us is just for the stuff within your posts - photos and PDFs, etc.

I'm an Agency or freelancer with clients, do you have anything special for me?
YES! We can private label so you can offer it to your clients under your name. Contact us. ([email protected])

Why is my web developer charging me more than what I see here?
If a vendor has setup Feed.Us for you, the price you pay them for Feed.Us may be different than if you set it up directly.

Will you put Feed.Us on my site for me?
Are you kidding? We'd love to put Feed.Us on your site.

Can I Pay Annually?
Sure, pay annually and get a 15% discount!  WE LOVE YOU FOR ASKING THIS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT QUESTION!

Who can I talk to?
Call Rick at (414) 949-5111 or [email protected] He's waiting.