Feed.Us and Php

Feed.Us is most commonly used with Php and we have a lot of experience setting up Php based sites to work with Feed.Us.  So if you have any problems, please contact us. We are always happy to help get a new site or app using our service. 

Feed.Us integrates with Php using our Feed.Us "Grabber" - a single Php file that you include in a Php page on your site. The single Php grabber file contains all of the logic to fetch the page content either from the Feed.Us servers or from the local cache.  Then you visit www.Feed.Us and create Feed.Us Php scripts and copy/paste within your Php files.


Here's a short video overview of how Feed.Us integrates with Php.  Text instructions are below. 



How it works:

  • Sign up for a Feed.us Account. After signing up, you'll get an email from us with some important info.
  • In your hosting control panel, create a directory and give write permissions on that folder:

  • Add our "FeedUsGrabber.php" file to your server.  You will get this file via the email, or download it here (you need to be logged in). 
  • Login to www.Feed.Us and add content: write, copy/paste, etc.  Save.
  • After you Save, you're back on the "Content List" page. To the left of each 'Post' there's a "Get Code" button. Click it. 
  • Feed.us generates two lines of Php code and a unique URL.  Copy/Paste this code into your Php file, in place of the text you'd like to edit.

  • Make all further content updates, without changing any code, using Feed.Us and our WYSIWYG editor:

For a more detailed description of how Feed.Us works, please click here.

For customization of the formatting of the way your content looks, read more about the Feed.Us Scriptomatic.

Here's a quick screencast of the process described above:

Setup a PHP powered site to use Feed.Us from Feed.Us on Vimeo.