Content Management for Mobile Applications

Feed.Us for Mobile Applications

You've got mobile apps for Android and the iPhone... but can you add/edit/manage the content within your app without editing the app's code?

That's where Feed.Us comes in handy.

Add Feed.Us to your App by replacing the copy you want to edit with our code in your application. Then non-technical people visit Feed.Us and can control that copy wthout having access to the App's code.

You can't use WordPress or Drupal in a mobile app

No, content management systems can't be included in apps uploaded to the Apple app store.  But Apps with Feed.Us in them can. 

Feed.Us customers also use our service to syndicate content from their websites into their apps.  They can manage that content in one spot - and have it update in multiple places, whether it's on the web, in an iPhone app or even an Android app.

Get Feed.Us in your App:

Feed.Us works via a variety of platforms (Php, Rails, .net, etc), JSON, or custom content delivery.

(Click here for more about Feed.Us's custom content delivery methods.)

What's next?

Well, we urge you to please try it out.

Talk to us (contact @ We'd love to learn more about the platform you are developing in.  We are constantly trying to add support for every conceiveable development platform and we'd love to learn about how you're making your app and where Feed.Us can go to work for you.