How Feed.Us works

Feed.Us installs via CODE:

DO NOT install & unpack Feed.Us on your server.  
DO NOT setup your entire site using our service.  
DO NOT build a site with our templates.  
DO NOT use our servers to host your site.

DO: Build your own site, use your own code (on whatever platform you prefer).  
DO: Host the site anywhere.   
DO: Add Feed.Us code where you need content management -- in place of text or code. 

Then your site can be edited by logging into www.Feed.Us and using our simple interface to make changes  - without FTP, without Dreamweaver.

(Below is a description of the way that Php and ASP and JSP work, but we've referenced Php code here because it's our most common. For a description of how Feed.Us works with Ruby on Rails, please click here.  For Php specific instructions, click here.)

How it works:

  • Sign up for a Account
  • In your hosting control panel, create a directory and give write permissions on that folder:

  • Add one "FeedUsGrabber" file to your server (PHP, ASP, file etc)
  • Login to www.Feed.Us and add content: write, copy/paste or auto import from a variety of sources (RSS, Google Docs, etc).
  • Within the online interface, use our Scriptomatic to select your content and layout (just the body field, or title and body fields, etc).
  • The Scriptomatic generates two lines of code and a unique URL, of which you can include into your site file (index.php, news.aspx, etc):

  • Make all further content updates, without changing any code, using Feed.Us and our WYSIWYG editor:

For a more detailed description of how Feed.Us works, please click here.