Feed.Us 30 Day free trial

THANK YOU for your interest in the Feed.Us 30 day free trial!  

We're ecstatic that you'd try us out.

After you've completed the registration (one page for your details, one page for your site info), we'll send you an email that is jam-packed with all the details you'll need to setup a demo page on your site (or in your app).  If you're not the technical person - forward that email on to the person who is. 

There's a help video below with an overview of what to do with that email.

At the end of your 30 days, we'll contact you to choose a Feed.Us plan.  For details and pricing of those plans, please click here.

Once again THANK YOU for trying us out!  

BTW, we actually ENJOY speaking with our customers!  We would love to help you on your projects. Contact Rick: [email protected] or call (414)244-9900.  

Rick, John and the Feed.Us team