The Feed.Us Grabber

The Feed.Us Grabber is what sets our cloud based service apart.  

Old-school web CMS software installs on your server.  Feed.Us exists on our servers, on Rack Space, and feeds your content to the server(s) that house your website(s) or web application(s). 

The Feed.Us Grabber works via:
1. A folder on your server
2. Feed.Us Grabber file that sits on your server
3. A server side script on your website files. 

Feed.Us feeds your content to the folder on your server.  The folder stores your content locally while the Grabber script loads the content into your page.  If that content is not available locally, the Grabber requests it from Feed.Us and stores the results in the folder.  It's completely cached with no database required. It works with PHP, Rails,, ASP, JSP, Smarty and now Python and Django.

Our Grabber makes it possible to manage the content your site without having to host your site on Feed.Us. Other "Cloud" CMSes have to host your site on their servers.  It also allows us to offer a platform independent CMS that works on any server. 

Alternatively, we can also deliver your content in other methods, including JSON.

Here's a detailed description of how to setup your site with the Feed.Us grabber >>

New: Now your company can license our Feed.Us grabber technology