Help Documentation in Your App

Every great web app has to have great support.  And easy to find, well-written documentation is the key to great support.

So how does your app's help documents work?  And who can create and edit those documents?

That's where Feed.Us can help. Feed.Us installs via simple scripts and works within your app.  No more hardcoded content - place our scripts in your app's files.  Then that help content can be accessed and edited via Feed.Us. 

Now your documentation writers can have control over the documentation without having to bother your devs. And there's no need to run a separate documentation site that runs outside of your app.  These help docs can be included within your app, on the same domain. 

Below is a sample of a Feed.Us help doc.  We have a variety of custom fields that work for us, both for internal notes and special fields that show right on our help site.  These documents are on our help site and within our app in the support area.

Can we help you with your app's documentation?  

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