Feed.Us product update for August

by Rick Stratton, founder

It's been a few weeks (ok months) since we last updated the Feed.Us blog.  Not that we've been too busy surfing or skiing (ok, we have been doing that, too).  

Our biggest updates of the summer so far is that Feed.Us now works on a whole new variety of platforms.  

Salesforce has probably been our biggest platform challenge todate.  We were asked by the folks at Salesforce to see if Feed.Us would integrate and we took almost two weeks of trying and testing to make it work.  The Salesforce Force API is a hell of a behemoth, but we conquered it.  

So if you're a Salesforce customer or a Salesforce consultant, you can deploy Feed.Us within Salesforce and manage the content remotely.  It works great with Salesforce's Site.com product.  But you can also edit and post content within a variety of Salesforce apps - anything that uses the "Custom Content Items" option in Salesforce. It's a simple Salesforce CMS.  Contact us with questions.

Meanwhile, we happily discovered that Feed.Us works within Heroku.  It utilizes our Rails 3.0 platform.  So if you're running an app or a site on Heroku, you can easily add content management to any page.

We are also putting the final touches on our Python grabber.  So if you build apps or sites that use .py... we've got the Python CMS just for you.

Finally, we'll finish our JSON support in the next two weeks. Anyone will be able to use XML of JSON to export their content to outside apps or databases.