Content Management Evolution

Feed.Us is a web-based content management system that that "embeds" rather than installs into your website.

We've created a completely different kind of CMS.  It's a simple and better way of handling content on a website: Feed.Us embeds into your site instead of installs into your server.  It installs sort of like a website widget, but it's not javascript - it uses one server file that calls content from Feed.Us. 

Content management systems today have become bloated website file managers.   A CMS shouldn't handle your site's SEO.  And it shouldn't determine the way your site looks (the template). Your CMS should handle your content - the stuff that changes regularly: your news, your product descriptions, your events, your photos, your embedded videos, etc.

Feed.Us doesn't setup your site's template and it doesn't determine your SEO.  It works with the platform and CSS to accomplish those features.  It will make better SEO and faster sites.  Platforms, like PHP or rails, have very few constraints.  You can't add an ecommerce system to Movable Type.  But there are 100s of PHP ecommerce systems that can be used right alongside Feed.Us.

We've freed the content from the CMS.  You can add your content to any site - your site or a partner or client's site.

So learn more about Feed.Us via the below tour or contact us today and we'll take you through a demo.

Feed.Us is affordable and comes with a free 30 day trial.  Sign up, see pricing or click here for screenshots.

About Feed.Us

Feed.Us features:

Easy to setup: Possibly the easiest software installation on the web:   Just add  one Feed.Us "Grabber" file on your server* and create a directory.   Using dropdowns, customize two lines of embed code to place within your website files. These scripts use our "Feed.Us Grabber" file and download your content from Feed.Us to your website.  

Add Content Management to ANY website: Because Feed.Us works with any platform (PHP, ASP,, JSP, and soon Ruby & Python) and on any server, you can now add content management to any website - or just one page.

Built with W3C technologies:  If you understand CSS, then you can be a Feed.Us expert.  No need to learn some fancy new template language because Feed.Us works with CSS and XSL.  And the ability to "copy and paste" Feed.Us into your site means that just about anyone can learn to setup Websites. 

Customer Service: Feed.Us's team is here for you.  Rick Stratton, the founder, is available every week day 9-2 (central US time) via phone, Skype or by appointment.  Email us anytime ([email protected]) and we'll get back to you pretty darn quickly. CTO John Welborn is available by appointment as well.

Efficient and scalable Websites:  When you create a site with Feed.Us, there's no need for a database or special software system.  Built-in content caching and straight CSS/PHP make for incredibly fast, efficient websites. 

Content Export: Besides our main web service, Feed.Us makes it a snap to create multiple RSS feeds from any type of content.  Or export all, or part, of your content as XML that can be imported into other systems or into other XML-based services.

Dynamic page creation: Feed.Us's "Scriptomatic" allows you to create one file on your site (like detail.php) and with 3 lines of Feed.Us embed code, pages will be dynamically created on your website when you publish with Feed.Us.

Simple publishing:  The Feed.Us user interface was designed to be friendly for writers and editors.  WYSIWYG built right in - adding new pages and making edits is a breeze.  There's even a "import from Word" button that makes Word documents look nice and clean on your site.

Content Import: Feed.Us was built with a variety of importing options.  Use email to submit articles.  Or use the RSS/Atom import tool to import from other Websites.  MetaweblogAPI and XML-RPC can be used to import content from Google Docs, Microsoft LiveWriter, WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, iBlogger iPhone app and other website publishing systems. Or automatically add Flash video "embed code" from Youtube and Viddler to your website without the hassle of copy/paste.


Publish to other Websites: Content syndication comes standard with every Feed.Us account.   With Feed.Us, you can control your content on outside websites (like a partner or a client's website).   Feed.Us's export options to create HTML and Javascript embed codes that can be added to other websites.

Multiple versions of the same content: In today's world, you need to provide multiple versions of the same piece of content.  For mobile usage or content syndication, Feed.Us allows you to setup separate fields for different content uses, and then export each type separately.  Then your writers can add one article and when they publish, it will automatically disseminated into multiple formats.

Other Features:

Multiple sites:  With every Feed.Us account, you are able to control the content on an unlimited number of Websites.  Feed.Us was made to share content between sites and was not made to control one specific site.  If you have a network of websites, Feed.Us is a perfect solution for you.

API friendly: Export your content to Facebook and update Twitter "status" when a new page is published on your website. Feed.Us

"Create your own" publishing applications: Feed.Us's "sections" allows you to build your own publishing application.  Choose from a variety of content fields and setup calendars, contact lists, address books, recipes all via a simple dropdown process. 

Feed.Us "PRO" is a fully customizable, white label version of Feed.Us targeted towards agencies and design firms.   Contact us directly for details.

* Due to the limitations of ASP, ASP websites require two FeedUsGrabber files on the server.