Feed.Us Custom Content Delivery

Feed.Us can deliver your content to you in a variety of ways.  

For most Feed.Us customers, our proprietary FeedUsGrabber method works very well.  Add a short server side script in your files.  That script requests your data from the Feed.Us server and then stores that information on your server for fast, cached access.

Custom Content Delivery:

But Feed.Us can also be delivered via customized ways that make it easy for you to create applications.

Feed.Us can export customized XML that can be imported into mobile apps and other web applications.  Then Feed.Us can be used to create and maintain content that is fed to outside apps.

Feed.Us also supports JSON.

And we're happy to work with you to support a format that you need.  Feed.Us uses XSLT (XSL stands for EXtensible Stylesheet Language) to style and format the XML that comes out of the Feed.Us database. Using XSLT, we can help create a custom format that would be specific to your system.

Please talk to us!. We would love to work with you to help power your apps.