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Update again! (1/15/12):

We FINALLY integrated the Google Docs API so that once again, Google Docs can be used as your site's CMS.  Details here


Update (6/1/2011):

Google stopped altogether supporting Metaweblog API.  The only way to put something you wrote on Google Docs on an outside site is to use the embed option, or integrate the full API.  

Unfortunately, it's not a feasable option - it's not automatic and it uses a javascript to display the data from a document on a third-party site.

Feed.Us will be adding the Google Docs API in the near future. 


Update (10/1/2010):

Google stopped supporting Metaweblog API sometime this fall.  But - you can still use it if you change your Docs settings to use the 'old' version of Google Docs.  Look for the option in the settings.  Then it works as it used to.


I've always thought that Google's "Google Docs" would make an excellent CMS.  Simple to use and has terrific WYSIWYG editing abilities.  The only problem is that Google doesn't host my sites. 

Now with Feed.Us, your team can collaborate on your website using Google Docs as your CMS. 

Feed.Us uses MetaweblogAPI, an XML-based technology invented by Dave Winer. Metaweblog is supported in many blog systems (but not many CMSes).  It's also used by Microsoft's terrific "LiveWriter" to enable remote posting to blogs.

Feed.Us added Metaweblog and has tweaked it to work with Google Docs.  Right now it works just with Google Docs' "Document" application (aka Writely) but it will eventually work with spreadsheets, forms and presenations.

It's part of our strategy to allow you to use Feed.Us without using Feed.Us.

I'm using Google Docs right now to create this post.  At the end, I'll go under the "share" options and select "send to blog".  Then it will be immediately sent from Google to Feed.Us CMS and from Feed.Us CMS to the Feed.Us website.

Contact us about how you can make Google Docs your CMS.

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