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By Rick Stratton, founder

I have been trying to get someone to come out and clean our windows on our house and I am currently waiting for two separate window cleaners to call me back.  I am sort of used to this.  We live in the "eastside" of Milwaukee and many of the suburban contractors don't want to bother coming down here.  

It's frustrating and annoying.

And that's the way dealing with software consultants can be.  We've run through this in the past.  And while it's annoying not to get called back, the worst is when someone will do a job for you knowing full well it probably won't work.

This week we had a call from a prospective Feed.Us customer.  He wanted to put up some landing pages for a product that he was advertising on Adwords.  Normally that's a decent customer for Feed.Us.  But he did not have a website to begin with.  Feed.Us works great when you want to add landing pages to a website.  It's not a great solution if you don't already have a site.  I knew it wouldn't work that great for him, so I came up with some other ideas.  I think he's going to try a site first and if that doesn't work, we could help him find someone to make a site for his landing pages.

This morning, I helped a customer find a WordPress plugin for an event calendar.  Feed.Us would have worked great - but they're already running WordPress.  Adding another software to the mix is not something I'd ever suggestion.

We would much rather help people find a solution that works than use Feed.Us and have it be a failure.  And we've been doing this for a while, so we can suggest some service you've probably never heard of.

That might not make the most sense from a profit standpoint, but it makes everyone's lives a little easier.

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