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The beauty of Feed.Us is writing for your site where you feel most comfortable.

Feed.Us imports from a variety of outside web content services - like WordPress, Blogger, and email and RSS. And then Feed.Us routes that content to your site.

Unfortunately for our customers, it's been a moving target.

The “Documents” version of Google Docs used to support an RSS-like export called Metaweblog. Feed.Us used metaweblog to import documents from customers’ Google Docs accounts. It worked remarkably well.

Unfortunately, when Google upgraded Google Docs, they turned off the Metaweblog support. Which meant Feed.Us customers lost a very nice way to update their sites.

But they also added an API. And finally we implemented their API so that once again, our customers can use Google Docs to update their sites. YES.

Which is what I’m doing right now. Like WordPress, Google Docs is a really nice writing experience. 

When I’m done, I’ll just “share” the document with Feed.Us ([email protected]) and Feed.Us will import the article and add it to our blog.

There are a few negatives:

1. The API does not let us import Apps Google Docs users easily. It has something with the way the Apps users are [email protected] We're working on this and should have this fixed soon. (Update - this is fixed!)

2. Google puts a lot of crappy formatting around the text. We’re working to strip it all out so it’s just nice, clean HTML. (Hey everyone has issues, don't blame Larry & Sergey. Microsoft does a lot worse with Word and Wordpress doesn't do any formatting at all.)

3. Right now it's not two way, eventually if you update it in Feed.Us, it'll change it back at the original document. (Update - this is fixed!)

4. It's just Google Docs Documents. You can't use a Spreadsheet to create a table. 

Screenshot video:

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