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By Rick Stratton, founder

Received a Skype Text and then a phone call from a web developer today.  He is taking over a website that uses Feed.Us and called to learn more.

The conversation started with "Feed.Us sounds interesting but I don't quite understand it." (We get that alot.)

The conversation ended with "Feed.Us sounds like just the solution when I don't want to install an entire CMS."  (We get that alot, too.)

Initially he thought he'd remove Feed.Us and just use static text.  Now that he knows more - I'll bet he uses Feed.Us on other projects.

This happens often.  We have worked a long time on this website.  We're on Twitter, Facebook, we've got a blog.  But all of it can't replace a simple conversation about Feed.Us.  It seems that we have to have a conversation to make it click. 

We really enjoy speaking with people.  And we wish more people would give us a call.  Maybe we're not the best marketers.

Feed.Us is incredibly useful, especially when you don't want to run a CMS.  If you'd take a few minutes to speak with us, we think we can help you understand how.

So Please, please... if you're reading this post, you create sites or web apps and you want to learn why/how Feed.Us can be useful, please contact us.  A 5 minute call will help you learn how to make your life (and your client's) a little easier.  

Email: [email protected]

Call: (414) 949-5111

SKYPE: Feedussoftware

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