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by Rick Stratton, founder

We regularly help people setup Feed.Us on their websites.  We try to get involved as much as possible to make sure that our customers get the most out of our service.

And one of the Feed.Us features that continually impresses me - and makes it easy for our customers - is our custom field feature.

For example, check out a recent customer's blog post, in Feed.Us:

EmbedCode: for the youtube embed code. 

Publication: two fields for the publication that is cited.  

Attachments: an image upload option, or a field for an image URL (this customer uses a CDN for images).

All of these fields are setup to specifically handle the content that this customer is posting.  This makes it easy(er) for content producers who are less technical.  

It's also useful for developers, setting up the site: aspects of an article are now separated out of the content and can be placed on specific places within the website.  It's not all trapped within the body of the blog post, like Wordpress does (we get a lot of customers from Wordpress). 

Now that you know a little more about Feed.Us, please keep in mind... we're more than happy to help you with your Feed.Us installation! Contact us today.

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