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Look down - way down - at the bottom of your site (or your app).  It says 2010, doesn't it?  Maybe it even says (gasp!) 2009. 

Yes, it's a very small, stupid thing and there are hundreds of more important things about your site/product/service.  But it looks sloppy and it sticks out.

Yet, a casual perusal of websites shows that it's a pervasive issue.  

Why does it happen?  Well, because it's not easy to change it.  It's almost never in your CMS.  Your CMS wasn't built for that.  So it's hardcoded and that means the developer has to change it in the code.  And there's a dozen of more important things on his/her list.  

Feed.Us customers don't have this problem.  In the footer/disclaimer/copyright area of their sites, they stick a small Feed.Us script (PHP, asp, .net, etc) and then they can make changes to the copyright (and the other text / links) by logging into Feed.Us and making a quick edit.

But enough about us... isn't it time you updated that copyright date?

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