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by Rick Stratton, founder

I hate it when a client repeatedly asks me to change something on a site that I've built.  

It's especially annoying when it's just a small piece of text.

With regular old CMSes, they won't be able to just have small area that can be controlled. 

But with Feed.Us, this isn't a problem.  Even small smidgeons of text along the side of a page (like "Call us today!" or "Email us at x[email protected]" etc) can be setup in Feed.Us, to be controlled directly by the client (without having to bother you). 

This is one of the features of Feed.Us that is really unique and although it seems trivial, it can save a lot of frustrations.

Here's a good example:

The client wanted a bit of text there.  I know they're going to change it.  If it's hardcoded in the php file, I'll have to change it for them.  And they'll probably ask again and again.

Here's what it looks like in the PHP file:

Pretty basic... but it's in the PHP file that they don't want to touch and I don't want them to touch.

So I added an entry in Feed.Us for them, and placed it in the WYSIWYG editor, where it looks like this:

Then I replaced the html code on that PHP file with a Feed.Us script, so it looks like this:

Now the client can login to Feed.Us and change the text so that it says something more than just "Text to the number".  They could even add an image there or a Youtube video script or Adsense javascript.

All without bothering me. 

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