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By Rick Stratton, founder

Way, way back in 2001, with our previous company (1871 Media), we had three servers stuck in the back room at a friend's large data storage company.  It was a sweet deal - free hosting and great support from some good friends helped us get off the ground. 

But when their ISP had a problem - we found out that free sometimes can be very expensive.  

We were out for 3 days - all of our software, our email, and all of our customer's sites and email.

I told myself that I would  NEVER go through that again. That sleepless ordeal was kept in mind as we created Feed.Us:

1. If some crazy situation takes out Feed.Us, it won't take down any of our customer's sites.  

2. Get the best hosting possible.

With #2 in mind, I am very excited that we are finally complete with our upgrade to Rackspace's incredible cloud hosting system.  All of our software and every single piece of Feed.Us customer's content is stored "in the cloud" on the most reliable cloud network money can buy (er, lease). 

And we've noticed a huge speed improvement for the Feed.Us app.  Pages and javascripts/ajax loads noticably quicker than before.

Talk to us about how we can get your content into Rackspace's cloud.

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