Content Management for Applications

Content Management That Works IN Web Apps:

There are plenty of content management systems.  But none of them work INSIDE your application.  You can't use WordPress or Drupal to make changes to content in a Rails web app.

So what do you do...? Give FTP access to your whole team? 

(Opps, Tim just deleted an entire directory!!)  

Meanwhile there's Feed.Us, sitting here... waiting for you to try it.

Feed.Us is platform-independent and cross-platform. It works on Php, Rails, JSP, .net, ASP, Python and more.

After you add Feed.Us to your app, users login to www.Feed.Us and make changes, easily via our simple interface.  Typical use scenarios include documentation, instructions, TOS, about/contact info - any sections of copy that need to be edited often.

Feed.Us Makes Your Life Easier:

Now members of your team can:

  • Make changes to your app's text and graphics without bothering a developer
  • Make changes to your app's text and graphics without accessing your code
  • Give access to non-technical people without fear of them wrecking your code

We (the peeps behind Feed.Us) use Feed.Us not only for the site you're viewing right now.  We use that same Feed.Us account to manage the text, copy, graphics and instructions within our app and on our help site.

How Feed.Us Works:

Feed.Us is injected into your applications with a few lines of code and our unique server side script.  This requests your data from the Feed.Us server and then stores that information locally for fast access.  And it's platform independent. It works on Php, ASPX, Rails, Python, ASP & JSP. 

Here's a great description of how it works.

Then your app's content can be edited and adjusted by logging into www.Feed.Us - no need to give access to your code.

More about Feed.Us for apps:


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