About Great States Software

Feed.Us is a product from Great States Software, LLC.

Feed.Us (pronounced "Feed Us") is a web-based "content management application" that is used to publish content to websites and applications.   

The Feed.Us Mission:

1. Easy to use for non-technical folk.
2. Simple to setup for coders.
3. Utilize the Cloud to separate content from the website or application. 

Our Background

The team behind Feed.Us has been creating web publishing applications since the dotcom crash and will never give up.

Feed.Us is Rick Stratton, John Welborn and Cliff Gray.  But we have a lot of help from Brian Timpone,  Fred Stratton, Jason Habbley, Diana Maldonado, Phil Plencner, John Kassmatis, the New Leaders, Deborah Bancroft and Rachel Blankstein.

Guitar.com circa 2000We were part of the team that created Guitar.com and Musician.com, a huge, early musician social network. That software formed the basis for the product of our second company, 1871 Media, where we built sites and created software for hundreds of media, newspaper, shopping and community-focused websites.  1871 was sold to Manifest Digital in 2007.  

We began work on Feed.Us in 2008 with the mission to make easy-to-use and simple-to-install web publishing software-as-a-service.

And Feed.Us officially launched in 2011 and already powers hundreds of sites and applications.  We'd like it to power your's.


Rick Stratton

Founder / President

Rick StrattonRick has started three companies: ePrairie/Epigraph/Guitar.com (1998), 1871 Media (2001) and now Feed.Us. 

Rick has a B.A. in History from Connecticut College and a background in art & design.

He has built and designed websites and web publishing applications with Outboard Marine, Guitar.com/Musician.com, and 1871 Media. Rick began his web career with NBC in 1995 on NBC's first foray into web video called NBC Desktop Video.

Rick was born in and lives in Milwaukee (yes, Milwaukee!). 

Contact Rick: [email protected]

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John Welborn

Founder | Chief Metal Officer

John WelbornJohn Welborn is an alumni of the prestigious University of Illinois Computer Science department and has been surrounded by computers since 4.77mhz and two 5 1/4" floppy drives were state of the art and laptops weighed 28lbs.

John spent three years at Intel in the Enterprise Operations division managing thousands of servers and developing support applications. In 1999, John lead the developers of the Musician.com network (Musician.com, Guitar.com, and gBase.com) eventually becoming CTO.

Guitar.com and Musician.com paved the way to web 2.0 with discussion boards and chat combined with celebrity video lessons and the web's greatest musician finder. He and his team pioneered the creation / implementation of some of the Web's first caching systems and have written and designed dozens of web applications.

He deftly handles vocal and rhythm guitar duties in the progressive metal band Empyrean Sky while living outside Chicago with his wife, son and dogs.

Contact John: [email protected]